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Most asked question for anyone looking to create a business or marketing system!

The website is a generalized experience offering a variety of useful information. Funnels are targeted and focused paths businesses send visitors through to capture leads and drive conversions. They feature deals and special offers instead of the “distractions” on your normal website. When done effectively, using websites and funnels in tandem can accelerate your business.

Both are Companions not Competitors


A funnel is a series of web pages set up so that traffic flows linearly from one point of entry, through a set of steps, to a specific goal/action. A ‘landing page’ is just a single web page with the same conversion intent.

Unlike your website, funnels aren’t meant to bring in traffic, just process it. Everything is designed to guide visitors in a single direction through the buyer’s journey. Sales funnels minimize distractions like outbound links, focus on an offer, and move the visitor to act.


At the beginning of the process there are a lot of visitors who take the first step. As the journey continues some drop out, and the number of people narrows.

  • Awareness - In this stage, the visitor becomes aware of the problem they need to solve.

  • Consideration - In this stage, the prospect is actively looking for a solution to their problem

  • Conversion - In this stage, the prospect is ready to become someone’s customer

  • Loyalty - In this stage, the prospect becomes your customer


A website is a set of related web pages, often including a list of products or services, contact information, and sometimes a blog. It’s your company’s digital storefront and primarily designed to bring in traffic. While visitors usually see the homepage first, they arrive upon and navigate to any page or post they want. The visitor’s experience is filled with lots of choice and limited direction.

As a user, you just need a computer, a smartphone, or any device having a web browser, and an internet connection to access a website.

Website Used For?

Every website on the internet is built with a specific purpose or goal. The organizations and businesses through their websites, aim to provide information and services to their members and customers.

Websites also have become a medium of entertainment like playing online games, watching movies, listening to music, and so on.

Similarly, e-commerce websites let us sell and buy things online. For example, is one of the top eCommerce companies that runs a billion-dollar business via its website.

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